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The tab _Delivery/Pickup Address allows for the entry of pickup or delivery addresses that are different to the main partner address. This means that when a transport order is created for a partner, the transport order application will automatically apply the correct delivery or pickup address to the order. Opening hours for these addresses may also be stored.



Address Area


The country where the partner is located. This is a search field. The country is identified ahead of the other address data since address data and the format of that data will depend on the country of the partner. For example the format of the postal code will differ by country.


The name of the company or individual


Care of. To be used where the partner uses another entities postal address.

P.O. Box

Check this box if the partner uses a post box number and enter the box number to the right.


Street address

Postal Code

the postal code of the partner.


The city or town where the partner is located.

Compliance Check

Checks the voucher address is not on the anti-terror list.

Opening hours area

the opening hours of the address may be recorded. The day of the week and the hours of operation may be entered. If not completed the applications assumes the location operates continuously.


Add a new pickup or delivery address.

Additional addresses can only be added if the partner has been saved.


Delete the selected pickup or delivery address from the list.

Set as Default

This action link will set the selected address as the default address for pickup/delivery. This is only required when multiple addresses are possible. The default address is the first address in the list.