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Allow address change in invoice

By activating this checkbox the invoice address can be manually changed during invoice creation.

Invoice address

Using the radiobuttons an already maintained address of the partner can be selected.

By selecting "Separate address" the respective address can be maintained in the fields below.


Country code of the address. Depending on the country, the system might ask for and validate additional information (e.g. ZIP code)


Company name of the partner


Applicable person or department


By activating the checkbox the field behind becomes available to maintain a P.O.Box address of the partner. In turn the field Street becomes unavailable.


Street and house number of the partner.

ZIP Code

ZIP Code of the partner


City of the partner

Compliance check

Does a compliance check for the partner. The result and date of the last compliance check is displayed.

As a compliance check is not mandatory in all countries the functionality is only available if activated on the system. Further information is available from RSI customer support.

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