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When invoices are billed to a partner, the role debtor needs be added to the partner. This role records all relevant debtor information that is used automatically on creation of invoices or credit notes.




Debtor type

  • Singe debtor: 

    Debtor details for this partner

  • Master:

    In some instances a master debtor may be created. If a master debtor is responsible for charges incurred by this partner, then this box should be checked and the master debtor details may then be entered in the field described below. The box is left unchecked by default and this indicates that financial applications should apply finance details stored within this role to all debt activities for this partner.

  • Child:

    When the child box is checked, this means another partners debtor details should be used for all debt obligations incurred by the current partner. The master debtor field is only available when the child box is checked. This is a search field, start typing the master debtors details to find the correct master debtor.

Account Number

The account number issued by the accounting department for the debtor.

Payment target

The number of days allowed to the debtor to make payment of invoices. The days are calculated from the date of the invoice issue. If under the bookkeeping settings payment terms have been defined it will be a drop-down-list with available values.

Agreed exchange rate type

The different types of agreed exchange rates can be set up by dropdown:

  • buying / selling rate
  • day rate
  • bank selling rate
  • IATA rate

Invoice Currency

The default currency to be used on all invoices created for the debtor. This is a search field, start typing the 3 digit currency code to locate the correct currency. If left blank the local currency will be used as a default.

Allowed accounting currencies

Maintainable Grid where all currencies, in which this debtor may be invoiced, the allowed currencies where from can be selected is maintained on legal entity and should be in sync with the accounting software.

Accumulated Vouchers

Some partners prefer to receive invoices on a weekly, monthly or other time interval basis. Since invoices are normally issued on a per shipment basis, this check box indicates that as invoices are generate for shipments, they should not be printed immediately. Instead invoices are accumulated and at the approved interval a single invoice that is the combination of all individual outstanding shipment invoices will be created.

Layout Collective Invoice

When the debtor is set to receive accumulated vouchers, with this step it is determined whether the debtor should receive a:

  • Short collected invoice, with limited individual order information
  • Detailed collective invoice, with detailed individual order information

Print Exchange Rate

With the Print exchange rate option it can be determined whether the conversion of a job costing calculation amount in a foreign currency should be printed with or without the used exchange rate. When active the exchange rate will be printed. 


When the option E-Billing is active, any print of an invoice addressed to this debtor will not be physically printed but only a PDF document will be generated. 

Credit Limit

The maximum outstanding balance (credit) given to the debtor, if the Open balance is higher than the assigned credit limit,  usage of the debtor will lead to warnings to the user.

Open Balance (import) 

The open balance,total sum of unpaid invoices, imported from the accounting software package

Open Balance (invoices)

The open balance,total sum of unpaid invoices, in a final state in Scope which have not yet been interfaced to the accounting software. 

Open Balance (Total) 

Sum of the previous open balances and the amount against which the credit limit will be validated


Stores the data and closes the debtor role.


Closes the debtor role without further action.

Invoice Postal Address

The address to be used on vouchers issued to this partner.


differing voucher address

If an address different to the partners general address is to be used, then this box should be checked.


The country of the voucher address


The name to be used on the voucher


Any "care of" details for the voucher address


The P.O. Box number for the voucher address, if any.


The Street details for the voucher address.


The City for the voucher address


The state code for the voucher address


The zip code for the voucher address

Compliance check

This action link will activate a compliance check of the partner.


On the reminders tab details for the statements of accounts are setup 

Leading Legal Entity

Indicates to which legal entity the main contact is linked with this debtor. 

Overdue Only 

When set to overdue only , statements will be generated only for the overdue invoices

All open Invoices

When set to all open invoices, all unpaid invoices will be included in the statements

Reminder Recipients

Here the receivers for the statement email are set-up, in the grid a selection can be made from all contacts registered on the partner, 

TypeChoice between To and CC to determine the type of email addressee
ContactList of available contacts or create a new contact for the partner using the context option (▼)



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