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Scope fields that accepts dates and times are designed to make input of this kind of information as quick and accurate as possible.


Date- and time fields

The date field date[time] are marked by a date symbol on the right edge of the field. In addition, date fields are also available as date range in which a range of dates (including time) of / can be entered. Date and time can be entered in several ways.


To enter date 11 May 2010 and the time 10:15 a.m. the following methods could be used (the time is not obligatory):

  • 110510 10:15
  • 11.05.10 10:15
  • 11052010 10:15
  • 11.05.2010 10:15
  • 2010-May-11 10:15

The date can also be entered in relation to the current date:

  • 0 = today
  • +1 = tomorrow
  • -1 = yesterday
  • + 14 = 14 days from today
  • - 10 = 10 days prior to current date

The time can also be include in the above options by using a blank space after the codes shown above and then the time (+1 10:15):

Relative day specifications

In some applications relative days are used. For weekly recurring events (eg, in a flight plan) the indication of an absolute date would be very complicated. In these cases a date can be set relative to the date and time of the event. For example the deadline (last possible date) for an air freight export delivery is 17:00 hours the day before the flight departs, this is relative to the flight date as -1.

  • 0 or empty = day of the event
  • 1 = day after the event
  • 2 = 2 days after the event
  • 3 = 3 days after the event
  • 4 .... etc.
  • -1 = the day before the event
  • -2 = 2 days before the event
  • -3 = 3 days before the event
  • -4 .... etc.


Input can also be done using the calendar application. Click on the calendar icon to open it. Here the desired day and time can be selected.


An existing time specification is removed. (The time does not necessarily have to be entered)


The calendar application is closed and the selected data is copied into the current field of the main application.