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With the introduction of AGS, NL customs also release a new Tariff website, to retrieve import duty and regulatory information, this new DTV is also accessiable via a webservice, which is integrated into Scope.
this section describes the DTV option of Scope.

Note: At this moment only Import information is availble via the webservice, Details of regulations for export goods is to be retrieved via the website.  


The DTV function is availble as standalone option and integrated in the AGS declaration. 


Application Actions


Option to create a new stand-alone DTV request


Opens the selected DTV request. 


Option to delete a not sent DTV Request  


Option to refresh the screen 

in the search bar filtering for DTV request can used to find a specific DTV request

Date Range  

To filter DTV requests from a certain period. 


Filter on the Status of DTV request

Incl GPA

This indicator, if active, will show also all DTV request send from the GPA application

Quick search

Search field to filter on data in the DTV request 


In the homeview of the DTV the following columns will be displayed

Local reference

Local reference Id to identify the DTV request 

Query Date/Time

Date time when the response message on a query was processed

Functional Reference ID

The local reference of a AGS declaration if the DTV request was created from within AGS declaration 

Shipment Reference 

Reference number of the shipment, Free field in case of a stand alone request for administrative purposes, defaulted with shipment number of AGS declaration 

Item Number

The item number of AGS declaration should the DTV request be created from a specific item instead of the full declaration 

Reference Date

The date used in the DTV request to determine the calculation date. 

Declaration detailed information

In the section of the detailed information more information regarding the selected Request is displayed. 

Functional refererence ID 

The functional reference Id is the indentification assigned by Scope to the declaration. this is a unqiue number for the Netherlands

Shipment number 

The shipment number on which the declaration has been created


The current status of the Request. 


In the messages box a chronological overview of all incoming and outgoing message are displayed 


Action Links

Under the message are shown the available action links, if an action link is enabled or disabled depends on the state of the declaration and if a message is selected. 

Action link



Edit Message

Whenever a message has been selected

opens the declaration message related to the selected message.

New Message

When on the last message is DTV response and a update request is to be send

Allows modification and sending of a new message

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