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Scope has a USA electronic export declaration (AES/EEI) integrated within the air and sea export applications. This allows the export declarations to be created and transmitted during the creation of the export shipment. By the time the shipment is complete a response should be available from CBP indicating if the export entry or multiple export entries are successful and the required ITN numbers available for printing on export documentation.


To open the USA AES application from the menu, select US Customs, US AES from the main menu. This application can also be added to the list of frequently used applications on the left of the screen by using the Configure option.

Alternatively the application can be opened by selecting the New Customs Order link within an air or sea export shipment.  This will launch the New Customs Order dialogue:

New Customs Order

Customs order type

Only the default US AES should be available and can be selected. 


The customer used in the air or sea export shipment will default to this field. This is a full text search field and a different customer address can be used by simply entering in any part of the customers name or address to locate the new customer to be used. 

Customs Agent

The agent for the branch will default as the Customs Agent. This is a full text search field and a different Customs Agent address can be used by simply entering in any part of the agent name or address to locate the new agent to be used.

Agent Reference

The shipment number will automatically appear in this field and should be used as the agent reference for the EEI.

Customs reference

Once the entry has been submitted to customs and accepted, the customs reference will appear in this field.


Any remarks to be associated with this EEI should be entered in the remarks field.

To be billed

Check this box if a charge is to be billed for creating this EEI entry.

Open customs application

This box will be check by default to ensure that on clicking OK, the next step of the customs entry is completed. 


Click OK to proceed with the new customs entry. 


Click Cancel to terminate the new customs entry and return to the shipment.   


ITN Registration 

Once a new customs order dialogue has been completed, the ITN Registration appears:

Statement Type

The statement type drop down menu will offer a list of ITN entry types:

  • AES Filing - Full EEI entry
  • EEI Option 2 - ITN number provided by option 2 filer
  • FTSR - FTSR exemption for low value shipments for example
  • EEI Option 4 - ITN number provided by option 4 filer
  • In Transit - Goods transiting the USA
  • Domestic - no AES required, domestic goods
  • Split Shipment - goods already on an existing ITN shipment was split.
  • AES Down - exemption statement for when customs system is down

AES filing will be offered as the default option and should be selected when creating a new EEI.


The current status of the EEI will be displayed.


The date the last time the EEI was modified.


A brief description of the last activity on the EEI.


Select OK to begin EEI creation.


Select Cancel to return to the air or sea export shipment .

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