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When invoices are to be received from a partner, the role creditor should be added to the partner. This role records all relevant creditor information that is used automatically when registering incoming invoices or credit notes.



reference master creditor

In some instances a master creditor may be created. If a master creditor is responsible for charges levied by this partner, then this box should be checked and the master creditor details may then be entered in the field described below. The box is left unchecked by default and this indicates that financial applications should apply finance details stored within this role to all creditor activities for this partner.

Master Creditor

When the reference master creditor box is checked, this means another partners creditor details should be used for all charges levied by the current partner. The master creditor field is only available when the reference master creditor box is checked. This is a search field, start typing the master creditor's details to find the correct master creditor.

Account Number

The account number issued by the accounting department for the creditor.

Payment target

The number of days allowed by the creditor to make payment of invoices. The days are calculated from the date of the invoice issue.

Invoice Currency

The default currency used when registering vouchers from this creditor. This is a search field, start typing the 3 digit currency code to locate the correct currency. If left blank the local currency will be used as a default.

differing voucher address

If an address different to the partners general address is to be used, then this box should be checked.


The country of the voucher address


The name to be used on the voucher


Any "care of" details for the voucher address


The P.O. Box number for the voucher address, if any.


The Street details for the voucher address.


The City for the voucher address


The state code for the voucher address


The zip code for the voucher address

Compliance check

This action link will activate a compliance check of the partner.


Stores the data and closes the creditor role.


Closes the creditor role without further action.



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