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This application is used to create and store details about countries that are used in many other areas of the Scope system. Country codes, currency, postcode format and tax details are all stored in country maintenance.

This data is standardized internationally. To ensure error free operation, country data is therefore maintained by Riege Software International via the SDS master system and distributed to all customer systems. Users should not have access to, nor change in any way this data.




This action opens the Editor in order to create a new country.


This action opens the county highlighted in the overview using the Editor in order to change the country details.


This action will delete the country highlighted in the overview. Countries are not physically deleted, but set to inactive and removed from view. Deleted countries may be view as shown below.


Updates the index to ensure the latest country data is present.


An overview of all existing countries showing country code, name and currency.

Show removed

When checked, this check box will ensure that any previously deleted countries are included in the overview. Deleted countries will appear with the Trash Icon in the left hand column. They may be restored by editing them.

Type to search

This is a full text search field. An part of a country code or name may be entered in order to find that country in the list.



The General tab maintains the following information:


The two- character ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code.


The country name.

EU Member since:

If the country is a member of the EU, the date of the countries accession to the EU.


The ISO 4217 currency code of the country.

Postal Code

The postal code, eg D-44030 Ort

Zip Format

This field will present a drop-down list of possible postal formats. The format selected will then be used in all {partner addresses |General - Business Partner - Master Data] which are located in that country.

City Format

This field will present a drop-down list of possible city format. This controls the order in which, the zip code, the country code and the city name will appear when printed.


Saves the country information and returns to the overview.


Exits the country editor without saving any changes.


The taxes tab is used to maintain tax details for the selected country.

The summary table shows the existing tax entries.

New / Edit

Opens a pop-up window where the code, name, Voucher text, valid dates and type of tax detail may be stored. Various tax percentages and their valid dates may be stored for each tax code. Use the New or Edit functions to adjust these percentages.

Move Up / Move Down

These control buttons are used to move the tax highlighted in the tax table, up or down the list of taxes.


The states tab is used to maintain states, cantons or federal districts that make up the country.

The summary table of states shows the state codes, names and the timezones where they are located.

New / Edit

Create a new state or edit an existing state. A pop-up window appears where the state code, name and timezone can be stored.


Deletes the state highlighted in the overview.