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This applications creates and maintains the cost centers required for accounting purposes.


A cost center is where the costs for a service are applied.




This action will create a new cost center using the cost center Editor.


Opens the cost center highlighted in the overview for editing using the cost center editor. Alternatively the cost center can be opened and edited by double clicking it.


Cost centers are automatically assigned to shipments by the system based on Cost Center Filter settings 


Refreshes the index to ensure the latest cost centers are visible.

Show removed

Check this box to include cost centers that may have been removed.

Type to Search

This is a full text search field. Enter the cost center code, name or part thereof to search for the desired cost center.

Summary table - Cost centers

The summary table displays a listing of all cost centers, the code, name and validity dates of the cost centers.

Cost Center Editor



The code for the cost center. This may be freely selected, but must be unique.


The name of the cost center.

Accounting code

The accounting code

Valid from

The Date the cost center is valid from.

Valid to

The Date the cost center is valid to.

Cost centers that have passed their expiry date will not be displayed in the summary table.


Saves the cost center details and exits to the cost center summary table.


Exits the cost center editor without saving changes and return to the cost center summary table.