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The Contacts application is used for legal agreements that require invoices to be issued on a recurring basis at regular intervals. Each contract therefore contains the items that are to be automatically charged and invoices are automatically generated at the required intervals with these items.


The overview will show all contract created, these may be active or terminated contracts.

The following functions are available:


Opens the contract editor to create new contracts


The contract highlighted in the overview will be opened using the contract editor. Changes may then be made to the contract.


Updates the index to ensure the latest contracts are present.

Generate All

This function will automatically generate all due vouchers for all the active contracts listed in the overview. As the vouchers are generated, the last invoice and next invoice date columns will be automatically updated.
The new vouchers will also be present in the accounts receivable application.

Contracts (summary table)

The following information is available about each contract in the summary table. Contracts information can be sorted by clicking the title of the table columns:




A unique reference for the contract, generated automatically when the contract is first saved.

Last Invoice

The last date on which an invoice was issued for the contract

Next invoice

The next date on which an invoice is due to be issued for the contract


The Name of the partner to whom the invoice will be issued.


A summary description of the contract

Total Amount

The total amount that is billed on each invoice for the contract

Cost center

The cost center to which the contract charges will be applied