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Cost types represent individual services that are billed to the customer or billed by a supplier. There are many elements of a charge type that can be defined which enables advanced automation of the behavior of the charge type during accounting operations such as issuing invoices or calculating profit shares. Proper setup of charge types is essential to obtain accurate job-costing from the system.

Charge types are assigned a unique code of up to 6 characters. This code is shown as the reference for the charge during jobcosting operations.




Opens the charge type editor where a new charge type can be created.


Opens the charge type highlighted in the list using the charge type editor in order for adjustments to be made. Alternatively a charge type can be opened for editing by double clicking it.


Exports the listed charge types to a spreadsheet that may be opened on the local computer.


Customs charge type setting (if any) for the highlighted charge type can be added here


Updates the list of displayed charge types to ensure the latest charge type information is visible.


Special profiles can be applied to charge types that allow additional information to be appended to them for use in specific applications. For a charge type can be given the profile AWB Other Charge which allows special information to be applied to the charge when it is used in an air export shipment. The Profiles drop down menu shows a list of currently available profiles and selecting a profile will filter the list of charge types to include only those that possess the selected profile.

Show removed

Includes charge types that have been deleted.

Type to search

Enter keywords in the search field to filter the list of charge types.

Charge Types

Charge types are listed in the table showing:

  • Code - the code of the charge type
  • Description - Full description of the charge type
  • General ledger filter - The general ledge code for the charge type
  • Tax free on imports - Tax fee item
  • Transit item - Costs identical to charges
  • Valid from - valid to the validity date range for the charge type

Charges types may be sorted by column if the desired column header is clicked.