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  • (red star) - bug fix
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Changes for:

Customs NL






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NL Customs

[GTL][Partner] NCTS user dependent Pin to be used if available

The NL NCTS application supports the usage of pin codes per user for a guarantee. It is possible to have the user enter the pin code every time an NCTS declaration is sent. If you need this functionality to be activated, please contact Riege Support by raising a ticket using F12 from Scope or sending a mail message to



NL Customs

GPA: Add support for document-types in K block

The GPA module now is able to handle articles where there are more than 4 document codes applicable. For these articles an agreement with customs by made about which optional field must be used (k15,k16,k17,k18). On the GPA Owner profile the appointed optional field must be populated with the code <BS>. If an article is found with 5 or more document codes the 5th and further codes will be placed in the optional fields marked as <BS>.

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