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  • (red star) - bug fix
  • (star) - improvement
  • (green star) - new feature

Changes for:

Customs NL

(red star)


NL Customs

Add validation on Name and street(full). Max 70 chars long

Issues with errors on address lengths have been resolved. Data will be truncated automatically. On the NL Customs Partner role the entered address will be validated.

(red star)71115NL CustomsDouane Partner Profile validated for compliance but no check optionOn NL Customs Partner role it is also possible to execute the compliance check. If the NL Customs Partner role is synchronised with the general address, the NL Customs Partner role uses the same compliance check details.


(red star)



Month Closing Report - Always show open invoices as estimates

Open account receivables are now shown correctly as income estimates in the month closing report.

Forwarding Air



Air, Export

Airline Booking: Fix Error Handling / Logs

It is now easier to detect and trace errors when working with the Air France / KLM booking API.

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