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  • (red star) - bug fix
  • (star) - improvement
  • (green star) - new feature

Changes for:

Customs NL



NL Customs

AGS: Populate "Exit Date" from Alternative Proof message when receiving Confirmation of Exit

If an alternative proof was required and submitted preceding the Confirmation of Exit, the exit date will not be provided in the Confirmation of Exit message coming from AGS. If the Alternative Proof message has been submitted and the Confirmation of Exit coming from AGS has been received upon receipt and verification of this message, the DMSEOG document related to the Confirmation of Exit will show the Exit Date (the date when the shipment has left the EU) submitted in the Alternative Proof message. In the AGS overview the column Exit Date will also show this date if applicable. If a report is run for the declaration, this date will also be used in the column Exit Date of the Excel output.


(red star)



Exception During Activity Types Calculation when an Incoming Invoice Already Exists

Fixed a bug that occured when the jobcosting calculation was triggered again, after an incoming invoice had already been create.

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