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This option is used when it is occasionally necessary to change a shipment from one type to another type of shipment after the shipment has been created. An example may be where a back-to-back shipment is created, but subsequently new house shipments arrive for the same destination. In this case it would be advantageous to change the back-to-back to a regular house shipment in order for it to be added to a consolidation and thus obtain better rates for the shipment.



Shipments can be changed to different shipment types as per the following table:

Master shipment with consolidated houses

When a back-to-back shipment is changed to a regular house shipment and consolidated on a new master shipment, the IATA AWB of the new master is applied to the house shipment automatically as is all the rest of the master data that is relevant to the house.


Shipment types should not be changed in the following circumstances:

  • A house shipment that is already consolidated on a master.
  • Documents for the shipment have been printed.
  • Vouchers have been created for the shipment.
  • A master shipment cannot be changed.

After clicking on the action link to change shipment type, a pop-up window appears. The dialogue below shows changing a back-to-back shipment to a master shipment with houses.

Select the desired option to make the required change.


Starts the preliminary examination of the proposed action.


Closes the pop-up window without further action.


After starting the process to change the shipment type a test is carried out to determine if the change is possible.

Error during the preliminary examination.

If a problem occurs during the preliminary processes of changing the shipment type, then a pop-up window appears with error messages detailing why the change is not possible.


Closes the pop-up window without further action.

Passed preliminary investigation.

If the proposed change passes without error, the modification action is performed.


Saves the change and closed the pop-up window.