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All business partner fields in scope offer a full text search This is to enable fast search for the desired business partner and to easily insert this partner in the field. In addition, a context menu is available which provides various functions such as the creation of a new partner or a compliance check of the address can be performed. Partner can be easily found, or changed using this tool.


The desired business partner can be found and inserted using the full text search .

The context menu of the field allows the creation of a new partner or the modification of an existing partner's data. This can be done with the drop down context menu or the function keys when the focus is on the partner field.

Edit partner (F3)

Opens the business partner editor , where the partner can be edited.

Edit address (F4)

Opens an editor to change the address only as it appear on the documentation. The changes made here only recorded in the current shipment. The original master data of the partners is not changed.

Copy address (Alt+shift+C)

Copies the address to the clipboard of the local computer. The address can then be pasted into any other text field or external application .

Refresh document address (Ctrl+F5)

Updates the address from the master address data.

Use default address (F6)

Sets address to the default address for the field stored in the master address data.

New document address (Alt+Shift+N)

Open a new blank address window in which a new disposable address (for single use) can be created. This address is only stored for the current program and not in the master address data.

New partner (Alt+Shift+P)

Opens the master address editor and allows a new partner address to be entered.

Compliance check

Performs an address compliance check .

Edit contact

Opens a window where a new contact and details can be entered for this shipment.

Agents fields

Agent fields are used exclusively for import agents, export agents, export and import gateways.

The desired agent address can be found using the {search function | Full Text Search - Field Types - User Interface ] of the field.

The context menu of an agent field enables:

Behavior of the agent field

The agents available in the agent field will depend on the departure or destination ports stored against the partner in the agent role. The agent field will behave as follows:



  • No departure or arrival recorded
  • Departure or arrival recorded
  • only one partner is the role of agent with this departure or destination assigned
  • Departure or arrival recorded
  • several business partners , the role of agent with this departure or destination assigned
  • Departure or arrival recorded
  • any business partner is the role of agent with this departure or destination assigned
  • No partner is offered to selected
  • the agent is not used automatically
  • Departure or arrival recorded
  • Routing agent profile in forwarding client for the receiver and the destination defined
  • only in air and sea freight export
  • defined agent is automatically used (regardless of the rules above)