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Breakdown refers to the breakdown of charges on master shipments to all the house shipments on the master. Depending on how the charge code is defined, the figure may be broken down equally across all the houses, or it may use any of the other possible breakdown methods such as by chargeable weight, by gross weight, by volume, by number of pieces or by profit share. When viewing figures in jobcosting , the Type column will indicate any transferred charges as charge type "TEP" or "TEI". For jobcosting purposes it is always assumed that profit is not viewed at master level, but at house level and therefore master charges will always be transferred to house shipments to ensure master shipment show zero profit.

The purpose of the Breakdown finance application is to show jobs that have not broken down correctly with the option to retry the breakdown.



This action will restart the transfer process for the shipment highlighted in the overview.

Open Order

The order highlighted in the overview is opened to show the full jobcosting entries.


The index is updated to ensure all orders with transfer errors will be displayed.

Branch spanning

Check this box to view all orders in all branch offices that have transfer errors.

Only own

This box is checked by default and therefore when the application starts, only the orders that have transfers initiated by the current user will be displayed. Uncheck the box to see error transfers for all users.

Breakdown (Summary table)

The breakdown summary table displays the following information

Reference Number

The reference number for the transfer which will normally be the shipment number.


The user who created the transfer job.


The branch office where the transfer was created.

Charge Type

The charge code, for the charge that failed to transfer.


The method by which the charge is to be broken across the house shipments.


The amount of the charge that is to be broken across the house shipments.


The status of the transfer job.