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In addition to Master, Direct, Coload and House shipments, Back-to-Back shipments may also be created within the Air Freight Export application.

A Back-to-Back shipment is actually a master single shipment, comprising a single house shipment on a single master shipment. This type of consignment is created mainly for reasons of cost. The goods could also be sent as a Direct but this would result in higher freight charges since the freight would be charged according to the official IATA rates and these are generally significantly higher than the sales rates available directly from the carrier. A Back-to-Back shipment could, in principle be created using the air import master program. However, to simplify the process the option to make a Back-to-Back shipment directly is available and this should speed the entry of the House and Master shipment data since these are very similar.

Within the Air Freight Export application, all operations related to shipment creation are carried out, this includes data collection, billing, printing of documents and cost control.


With New > Back-to-Back Shipment a new Back-to-Back Shipment can be created.

With Open an existing shipment in the shipment summary can be opened. Alternatively double click the highlighted shipment in the shipment summary to open it.

The functions of each of the tabs within a shipment are described here: