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This application is used to create and store airlines and their details, this included related information such as AWB pools and ULD pools. This airline information is then available in many areas of the air import and air export applications.

Airline codes are internationally standardized. To ensure error free data exchange with other systems, this airline data is managed entirely by Riege Software International and automatically distributed to all Scope systems, adding, deleting or changing this information is therefore not possible for ordinary users. Management of AWB and ULD pools is only available to users with special permissions.




This button is not visible to the ordinary user - see the introductory note.

This action is used to create a new airline with the airline editor.


Opens the airline highlighted in the list of airlines using the editor. Alterniatively the airline can also be opened in this way by clicking any airline in the list.


refreshes the list of airlines to ensure the latest data is present.

AWB Info

Produces a dialogue box that allows search by AWB number and then produces results specific to that AWB.

Keyword Search

Enter one or more keywords to filter the list of displayed airlines.

Summary Table Airlines

The summary table displays the airline prefix followed by the airline name.











The Carrier tab maintains the airline name, codes, account details and pools.


The name of the carrier


The 2 digit alpha-numeric carrier code as issued by IATA.


The 2 digit alpha-numeric carrier code as issued by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).


The 3 digit numeric carrier prefix as issued by IATA.


The partner address is created when the airline is added to the list of available airlines. The code for the partner will always be a combination of the airline IATA code and AWB-prefix, for example LH020.

The address printed on the AWB can be maintained using the Partner tab of the carrier maintenance program.

The fields Name, IATA Code, ICAO Code, AWB-Prefix and Partner are not editable for the user.

Account Number

The CASS account number issued by CASS (IATA - Cargo Accounts Settlement Systems).

AWB Pool

AWB numbers already issued by the airline and entered in the system will be visible.


Opens a pop-up window where a new AWB number or range of numbers can be entered.

The first AWB number can be entered (last 8 digits), followed by the number of AWB's to be automatically created following the first AWB. Alternatively the last AWB number can be entered. If the AWB has been lent by another agent, the address of the lendee can be stored. Click OK to store the new AWB data or click Cancel to exit with changing the AWB pool.

If a large number of AWB's are added to the pool, the process of generating these may take some time.


Removes the AWB highlighted in the pool of AWB's.

Partner Template

This tab is not visible to the general user, see Introduction.

The partner tab stores the address for the airline. New partner details here automatically updates the Scope master partner data. This is required to maintain the tariffs associated with the airline.


The name of the carrier.


Any keywords to be associated with the airline to assist in locating the airline during a full text search.


This drop-down list allows a language to be selected for use when printing documents associated with this carrier.


The search field can be used to locate the country of the carrier.


The name of the carrier - to be used for the postal address.


The name of any "Care of" party.

P.O. Box

The post office box number (if any).


The street address, (street name and number etc. )

ZIP, City

The postal code and city of the address.


The 3 digit currency code for the currency to be used with this airline. Currency codes can be found using the field's search function