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The term Aircraft On Ground (AOG) is an aviation term used by pilots to indicate that an aircraft is not in airworthy condition and must be grounded. Non-operational commercial aircraft incur substantial expenses and inconveniences for the owner and must be restored to active service swiftly. A sector of the freight industry has become established to meet the requirements of the aviation industry in expediting aircraft parts to their destination. These AOG shipments are set apart from regular freight shipments since AOG shipments generally receive maximum priority regardless of cost by all carriers.

Scope provides an application designed for AOG operations which allows AOG shipments to be quickly and easily cleared. During creation of an AOG shipment the best and fastest method of shipment is frequently uncertain and the AOG module allows shipments to easily migrate from air to trucking modes of transport as circumstances dictate.


The AOG module presents the standard overview of AOG shipments, comprising a menu bar with actions, a search and sort header and a main window displaying shipments in summary form.


With New - Air a new AOG Airfreight shipment can be created.
With New - Road a new AOG truck shipment can be created.


Opens the AOG shipment highlighted in the overview. Alternately, the shipment may be double clicked to open it.


Deletes the AOG shipment highlighted in the overview. The shipment will not be physically deleted, but is marked as inactive. Note the show removed option described below. A deleted AoG shipment may be restored by editing it.


Updates the index to ensure the latest AOG shipments are visible in the overview.

Show deleted

This box may be checked to include previously deleted AOG shipments in the overview. These deleted shipments may be restored by opening them.

Date rage: from / to

These date fields are used to search for AOG shipments according to the date they were created. If left blank, all AOG shipments matching other search criteria will appear.

Type to search

This is a full text search field. Any detail of the AOG shipment may be entered to narrow the search for the required shipment.

AOG Summary table

The listing shows all air shipments using the icon and road shipments using the icon in the left hand column. In addition the status, shipment number, customer, departure (Dep), destination (Dst), AWB number and order date are displayed.

When creating or changing AOG shipments the functions of the AOG editor are described in the following chapters: