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The airfreight import module enables creation of Master, House, Direct, Back-to-Back and Coload air import shipments. Within these applications are all the function necessary to create transport orders, calculate income and revenue, and produce all required import documents.



Shipment overview

the shipment overview displays all current shipments. Any of these shipments may be opened by double clicking them or using the open option in the main menu.

The shipment types are indicated in the overview using the symbols shown below:

House Shipment
Direct Shipment
Back-to-Back Shipment
Coload Shipment
Master Shipment

Detail section

The lower pane displays the most important information about the shipment highlighted in the overview table.


The New option in the main menu allows creation of new Master, House, Direct, Back-to-Back and Coload shipments.


Open the shipment highlighted in the overview. It is also possible to open a shipment in the list by double clicking it.


Updates the list of shipments.

Search options

Hide types

By enabling or disabling check boxes above the shipment list, various types of shipment can be hidden or displayed:




Master (Consolidations)


Direct Shipments


Back-to-Back Shipments


House Shipments


Coload Shipments

Date Range from / to

Including a date range will limit the list of shipments to those whose service date falls within the date range.

Keyword search

Entering a keyword in the [search field|Full Text Search - Field Types - User Interface - General will filter the list of displayed shipments to those that match the keyword in the search field.