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In air cargo export module, all master, house , direct and back-to-back air freight export shipments are created and invoiced. All necessary documents are printed. In addition, shipments from templates can be created. Bookings and quotations are created, these can then be immediately converted into full shipments and used in consolidations. The Air Freight Export Overview also provides extensive search capabilities to quickly and efficiently locate the desired programs.




An overview of shipments is available and will show all current shipments. These can be opened by double clicking on the desired row or selecting "open" on the menu bar.

An indication of the shipment type is displayed with the following symbols:

House shipment
Direct Shipment
Master Shipment

Detail section

The details pane displays the most important additional information about the highlighted shipment shown in the overview.


The new option In the menu bar presents a sub-menu that allows creation of a new house, back-to-back , direct or consolidations. In addition, new shipments from templates, bookings or quotes can be created.


Opens the selected item from the overview. Alternatively, a double click will open the shipment from the overview.


Export the data in the shipment overview and opens it on the local computer as a spreadsheet.


Opens an overview of available templates.


Updates the index of shipments.

Hide or show types

enable or disable check boxes to hide or show the different types of air export shipments.
The available types are:




Master (Consolidations)


Direct shipments


Back-to-Back shipments


House shipments


Gateway Shipments

By default, the type GTW disabled and all other types are displayed.

Gateway shipments (GTW) are houses for consolidation that are sent from another branch. For example, Philadelphia may transmit a house shipment to New York for consolidation. New York may exclude this type of shipment from their overview by checking the GTW box.

Date from / to

The date fields can be used to restrict the list of displayed shipment to a specific time-frame.

Enter keyword

Enter one or more search terms. Displayed items are filtered accordingly (see full text search)