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The role Agent is assigned to business partners who are engaged in the general management of freight. An agent can be a subsidiary, a freight forwarder or other logistics company. For each agent, one or more departure and destination locations can be assigned using UN Location Codes. These are set as locations where the agent operates. This information is then used by various applications to determine the correct agent to use for any point of arrival or departure.




An overview of all locations that have already been assigned to this agent.


Opens a pop-up window in which a new location code can be inserted. The desired location can be found using the search function in the field.


Removes the location highlighted in the overview.

Move up

Moves the highlighted location code up the list.

Move down

Moves the highlighted location code down the list.

Show Customers

Opens a pop-up window that displays all the customers of this agent. In order to assign the agent to customer, the customer in question must be assigned the role Forwarding Customer and this agent must be applied to the customer using this role.


Closes the pop-up window that displays customers.



Handles airfreight

This field should be checked by default.


The IATA code of the agent using the format nn-n-nnnnnnn-c

Customs registration number

The customs registration number of the agent.

Custom AWB signature

The signature to be printed on airway bills that are produced on behalf of this agent.

Custom AWB agent address

The agents address that should print on the airway bill.

Custom AWB carriers address

The Carrier address to be printed on airway bills for this agent.

Custom AWB shipper/consignee address

The address to be used on airway bills when this agent is shown as a shipper or consignee.

Edit individual e-AWB Address

This blue link opens a sub-window where the agent's address for e-AWBs can be entered. 


The default notify party to be used when creating airway bills for this agent.  This is a partner address search field

Warehouse and Transport Order

This section defines warehouse and transport order details for this agent


The default warehouse address for this agent.  When creating delivery orders and transfer to or from terminal orders, this is the address that will be used as the pickup or delivery address.  This is a partner address search field , locate the correct partner address by typing the name or part of the address of the partner. 

Disable DTT creation at N/A

When a warehouse address is entered for the agent, but deliveries to terminal should not be created with this warehouse as the pickup location, then this box should be checked. 

Import deliveries direct

When the agent delivers arriving air imports directly from the import terminal, this box should be checked.  This will ensure the import terminal in the shipment is used as the pickup address on the delivery note and not the location of the agent. 



Handles Seafreight

This box should be checked if the agent handles seafreight cargo.

Custom B/L agent address

The address of the agent to be printed on any B/L's produced on behalf of the agent.

On assigning the role agent to a partner, the check boxes for individual address to print on documents are not enabled and the address details themselves are the partner's address details from the general tab. If the individual address checkboxes are activated, this general address may be replaced with whatever alternate details are desired. However, if the checkbox is once again deactivated, any existing alternate address data in the custom address fields will be lost and replaced by the general address.


The default notify party to be used when creating bills of lading for this agent.  This is a partner address search field 

OTI License number 

This is a USA specific field where the FMC OTI number of the seafreight agent can be stored.