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In this function it is possible to maintain Administrative Orders. Administrative Order are orders that are created for administrative purposes. Typical use for Administrative Orders is:

  • an Administrative Order is needed for the processing of the CASS invoice. All costs that cannot be matched to a shipment(order), will be booked on this administrative order.
  • an Administrative Order can be used to produce a monthly invoice to customer that rents a part of your warehouse, or any other non-shipment related invoicing.




New Administrative Order

In this screen, you define the header details for the Administrative Order. Once the header details are defined, a monthly position/occurrence of will be used to book the charges on.

NOTE: The contents of the 2nd, 3rd,... tab is based upon the selection of the monthly position, made in the first (General) tab.

Tab (General)


This number will be the basename for all underlying positions/occurrences of this Administrative Order as for each month a new position/order will be created.


A short descriptive name for the Administrative Orders. It normally describes the purpose of this Administrative Order.

Valid from/to

This field defines for which period the monthly positions can be generated. The valid-to is optional.

Cost Center

This defines the Cost Center to be used for the monthly positions. Scope always uses a Cost Center for each Order. Select one of the Cost Centers defined under Maintenance/Finance/Cost Center.

Monthly Positions

Each monthly order appears here in the list. The number it gets, will be constructed from the number (in top) of the Administrative Order, combined with YYYY/MM. For Example: CASS-AMS-2014/02.

Action link: create next month

This link will create a new position/occurrence of the Administrative Order for the next month.

Tab (Invoices)

This shows the invoices made for the monthly position, selected in the first tab.

Action: New...

In this dropdown box, you can choose what invoice or credit note you want to create for this Administrative Order/position. This could be a Outgoing Invoice (Sales Invoice or Credit Note) or an Incoming Invoice (Purchase Invoice or Credit Note).

The creation of the Outgoing Invoice is done in same screen as in Finance/Accounts Receiveable.
The creation of the Incoming Invoice is done in same screen as in Finance/Accounts Payable


Action: Merge

This action allows the user to select 2 or more invoices and merge them into 1 invoice. This is only possible as long as the invoice is not finalized yet.

Tab: Jobcosting

This screen gives an overview of all Income and Costs entered for the selected Administrative Order/position. As with Jobcosting screens in all entries, here you can also enter new Estimated Income and Estimated Costs.

See: Jobcosting - Functions - General

Tab: Documents

This tab shows the documents linked to the selected Administrative Order. See: Documents - Functions - General

Tab: E-mail

This tab shows the emails sent for the selected Administrative Order. See: E-Mail - Functions - General