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All EU companies, and in particular forwarding and logistics companies are required by the anti-terror EU regulation (EC 881/2002 and 2580/2001) to assure the statutory audit of their business partners in order to detect and prevent company operations on behalf of proscribed business. Scope provides a fully integrated address validation function (compliance check) which can be called directly during the input of any address.

All US companies are required by US law to make similar checks and the Scope compliance checking module checks for companies and individuals proscribed by US law from engaging in international transportation of goods.


Almost any address field provides the compliance check option in the context menu. This option opens a pop-up window where the audit of the address can be conducted.

Check Address

Activates the address check via the web which connects to a database of prohibited or suspect addresses.


Closes the address compliance without further action.

Current Address

The address being checked is shown in the top section of the compliance check application.

Results from the terror list

If there is a similarity of the current address to addresses on the terror list, these will be displayed. The similarity column calculates the amount of similarity and displays the results as a percentage of agreement.

Lasted checked.

the date on which the address was last checked.

Last result

the results of the last check on the address:

  • Positive - The address has a match of at least nn% with an address on the terrorist list.
  • Negative - Not on the terror list

Good Guy until

Once an address is checked a date may be set when the address should be rechecked.

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