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This application will display all outgoing vouchers, these can be invoices, credit notes or invoice cost estimates. These documents may then be invidually viewed, cancelled, corrected or printed.


It is not possible to create new vouchers in this application. This can only be done in the various job applications.


This option will open the voucher highlighted in the overview using the invoice editor . Alternately the voucher can be double-clicked to open it.


This option will generate a PDF version of the document. A PDF can be generated even when no invoice number exists.


Updates the index to ensure the latest vouchers are visible.

Show on open vouchers

This box is checked by default and therefore only unfinished vouchers will appear in the overview. By unchecking this box, all vouchers will appear, regardless of status.

Include cancelled

To include vouchers that have been cancelled, check this box.

Type to search

This is a full text search field. An part of a recipient or subject may be entered to find the desired vouchers.

Accounts Receivable - Summary Table

The summary table displays the following information about each voucher:

Voucher number

If the voucher is finished then this column will display the voucher number. If the voucher is still open then this column will display the kind of voucher, such as OI (Outgoing invoice) and the recipients name. If no recipient is present, then only the kind of voucher is shown.

Voucher date

The date the voucher was printed.


The recipient of the voucher.


The subject of the voucher (if any).

Total Net Amount

The total amount of the voucher including any taxes.


As vouchers in the overview are highlighted, their details are shown in the lower part of the application:


The document type, invoice or credit note.


Displays the current status of the document




The document is still open and can be edited


The document has been print and is therefore finalized


The document has been cancelled

Net Amount

Total amount without any taxes

Tax Amount

Total of any taxes

Total Amount

Total voucher amount including any taxes

Local Total (rate)

If the invoice has been raised in a foreign currency, this total amount including any taxes is displayed in the local currency.

Order Reference

The shipment number or order reference to which this voucher belongs.

Recipient address

To the right is the full recipient address.