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This accounts payable application is used to record incoming invoices or credit notes and apply them to the shipments that incurred these incoming costs. This application should be used when recording incoming vouchers that apply to multiple different types of shipments. For incoming documents that apply to a single shipment, it is preferable to use the fast incoming invoice/credit note entry programs found in the voucher tab of all shipments.



The New action is a drop-down menu that offer the choice of making a new incoming invoice a new incoming credit note or a new customs invoice


This action will open the incoming invoice/credit note highlighted in the summary table.


Updates the index to ensure the last incoming vouchers are visible.

Accounts Payable

The summary table displays all incoming vouchers according to the search options used. As each voucher is highlighted in the table, further detail about the voucher are visible below the summary table.

Show only open vouchers

This box is checked by default so that when the application is started, the summary table shows only incoming vouchers that have the status Open. Uncheck the box to see all vouchers.

Include canceled

Check this box to include in the summary incoming vouchers that may have been canceled.

Type to search

This is a full text search field. An part of the voucher number, vendor, vendors reference or remarks may be entered to search for the desired vouchers.