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Accounting Interface


This application is used to transfer accounting data per legal entity (=country) from the Scope system to an accounting system. In addition, the latest credit limits may be imported from the accounting application into the Scope system. We have interfaces to the following accounting systems:

  • Abacus
  • AccPac
  • AccountMate
  • Account View
  • Afas
  • Contpaqi
  • Control 2000
  • Datev (CSV + XML)
  • eGecko
  • Exact (Globe + Online)
  • Fmuta (6 + Afas)
  • PEBE Finance
  • Proffix
  • Quickbooks (Desktop + Online)
  • SQl Accounting
  • Scope Standard CSV
  • Simba
  • Twinfield FMUTA
  • Varial (World Edition ASCII + XML)
  • YonYou U8
  • Zensoft


New Batchjob

This action will initial the transfer of vouchers from Scope to the accounting system. The summary table will display all completed vouchers, but only those with the status Ready to transfer will be included in the batch.

Import Credit Limit

Opens a file browser to locate the CSV file with the latest credit limits. This may then be selected and imported into Scope for automatic update of business partners' credit limits

Close Month

If you work with monthly bookings for the estimates, this function performs the month end close of accounting. See Monthly Settlement.

If you work with the "fixated estimates" method, closing the period will prevent outgoing invoices, estimates and purchase invoices to be booked into an old period.
The procedure then is:

  • Close month in Scope in [Finance|Accounting] in the top bar: Month - Close month
  • Run accounting interface batch in [Finance|Accounting]
  • Import in the accounting package
  • Close same period in the accounting package (at least for the journals used by Scope)

Check vouchers

All vouchers will be rechecked to determine which are ready for transfer to the accounting system. Voucher that have all details required by the accounting system are accordingly marked with the icon.


The reports function will launch a booking reports application where booking specific reports can be generated.

New Vouchers

An summary table of all vouchers not yet transferred to the accounting system. The summary table shows the following details of each voucher:

Summary Table Details
  • Owner - The branch where the voucher was created.
  • Number - The voucher number and the year it was created.
  • Voucher Date - The date the voucher was created
  • Type - The voucher type
  • Status - An icon indicating if the voucher is ready to transfer. = ready and = indicates the voucher will not transfer due to a problem. Highlight the voucher to see a full description of the problem in the voucher details section below the voucher.
  • Count - As each voucher is highlighted, it's current order in the total number of non-transferred vouchers is shown at the base of the summary table.
Last Open Month

Above the summary of vouchers the date of the last open accounting month is displayed.

View vouchers

As vouchers are highlighted in the summary table, the icon can be used to view the full voucher.

Jump to error source

Vouchers in the summary table that have the not ready icon can be highlighted, then click the icon to jump to the application where the error causing the problem can be fixed. For example of the charge code is missing a general ledger, the system will jump to the charge code maintenance application simultaneously loading in that application the charge code that needs attention.

Refresh voucher

When changes have been made that may impact a voucher, the icon can be used to refresh the voucher to ensure the latest status of the voucher is present.

Type to search

Enter keywords in the search field to filter the list of vouchers.

Voucher Details area

As each voucher is highlighted in the summary table, greater details of the voucher are shown below the summary table:

  • Number - The voucher number and the year it was created.
  • Type - The voucher type .
  • Voucher Date - The date the voucher was created.
  • Last Change by - The last user to make any changes to the voucher.
  • Last Change at - The last date any changes were made to the voucher.
  • Opposite Party - The recipient of the voucher
  • Account number - The recipient of the voucher's account number.
  • Net Amount - The total voucher amount less any taxes.
  • Gross Amount - The total voucher amount including any taxes.
  • State - The status of the voucher.
    Voucher that are ready will be notes as Ready to transfer.
    When not ready to transfer, a fuller description of the reason is provided.

Transferred Batch-Jobs

This section of the application shows batch jobs that have already been created and transferred. The table displays:

  • Number - This is the number applied to the batch job for identification purposes.
  • #Incoming Vouchers - the number of incoming vouchers that were in the batch.
  • #Outgoing Vouchers - the number of outgoing vouchers that were in the batch.
  • Created at - the date the batch was created.
  • Last export at - The last time output of the batch was created.
Open Batch

Transferred batches may be opened by highlighting them in the summary table and then clicking the icon. The View Batchjob application will then open.

Refresh transferred batch jobs

Click the icon to ensure the latest list of transferred batch jobs is shown in the table of transferred batch jobs.

Type to search

Enter keywords in the search field to filter the list of transferred batch jobs.

Consistency Scope - Accounting

Ascertain completeness Scope - Financial Interface and Accounting Package