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In the application Handling Routes, transport orders for pick up or delivery scheduled on a route, are displayed. Jobcosting is available in the Handling Routes Application, as well as the possibility of the breakdown of charges to the single transport order issues can be done. A route can be created via the Handling Truck Disposition Module or the program action New in the application Handling Routes.


Program Action


Creates a new handling tour from the list of tour templates.


Opens the handling tour marked in the overview for further processing. It can also be opened by double-clicking on the corresponding Tour in the overview.


Updates the overview

Search- and Filter function

  • Show finished

If the checkbox is activated only the finished tours are displayed

  • Date range

The tours to be displayed can be limited by entering a certain date range.

  • Full text search

By entering of one or more search terms, the tours displayed can be filtered accordingly.

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