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In the Handling Truck Disposition application all recorded transport orders, including the completed RFS flights, are displayed. With the Truck Disposition the transport orders can be scheduled and combined on a route. The detailed processing of a route in Scope will be done in the application handling route.


The application Handling Truck Disposition can be opened via the Scope menu sequence Handling- Truck Disposition.

Transport Orders, Routes

The program is divided into 3 areas:  Transport orders (left), Tours (top right), Transport orders assigned to the selected tour (bottom right.

Transport orders can be double clicked on and pushed onto the tour to be planned on the right, or with the mouse button pressed. In the area at the bottom right, the scheduled transport orders can be returned on the same route (if the route is still open). Transport orders can also be added or removed by using the buttons Add transport order to Route or Unassign transport order from Route.

  • Add transport order to Route


  • Unassign transport order from Route


Transport Orders - data display

Data shown in the transport order columns and lines:

  1. Column
2. Column3. Column4. Column5. Column6.Column
1.lineType of transport orderAWB-NummerPick up, Departure AddressDestination Addressnumber of Piecesgross weight
2. lineSymbol: red/whites = Shipment contains DGRRef. Number Forwarderzip code and name of the place for pick upzip code and name of the place of delivery
3. lineSymbol: red/whites = Shipment contains DGRCustomertime window pick uptime window delivery

If more than one orders are selected Scope, shows the sum of the packages, weight and volume (if recorded).

Transport order types

TypeDescriptionExplanation in context to the handling module
MCMain CarriageExport Carrier/Airline Handling Shipments
DTTDeliver to TerminalExport Forwarder shipments at the "Transit Airport", that will be transferred directly to the airline
DTGDeliver to GatewayExport Forwarder Shipments, die am "Transit Airport" that will be delivered at the transit airport (e.g. Consoidation Center)


Carrier or forwarder import shipments, that will be delivered to the final consignee at the place of delivery.

PUPPick Up

Carrier or Forwarding Export Shipments to be picked up.

PFTPick Up from TerminalAirfreight or Seafreight LCL Shipments


Empty Container Pickup

Sea Export: Pick up empty container and deliver to the place of loading


Import Container delivery

Sea Import: Delivery of the container

Search- and Filter function

By using the filter option and search field, transport orders can be searched by order date, order type or shipment reference. If the mouse cursor is held for a few seconds on the respective transport order, the exact shipment details are displayed in a pop-up window.

The search for Transport Orders:

  • by Filter function: Shipments can be selected by predefined filters. In the input field choose filter, a specific filters can be defined and existing filters can be organized.
  • by Data range (from-to)
  • by Type to search: Keyword search for e.g. the airwaybill number (Mawb,Hawb), shipment number.

Program action


A new route is created by using the program action New in the handling truck disposition. To create a route, at least one tour template in the Handling master data must be maintained in advance. Addresses of involved business partners, or addresses of haulage companies for tour start and stops can be preassigned via the tour template. 

Before using the program action New, (left side of the screen) that are to be loaded onto the new route should be marked. The shipments can be marked individually with CTL + mouse click or together with SHIFT + "arrow-up" or "arrow-down" keys.

Routes with Status Created, have no transport orders been added yet. Routes with Status Loading transport orders have already been scheduled. Closed routes will not be displayed here in the Truck Disposition.


  • Open Route

The program action Open Route opens a route marked in the overview.

  • Open Transport Order

The program action Open Transport Order opens a transport order marked in the overview and data can also be edited.

  • Open Shipment

If a transport is marked in the overview, this program action will open the original handling shipment (Carrier Export or Forwarder Export)

Change Carrier

With the program action Change Carrier, the current road carrier within an order can be changed.


This link will refresh the list in the overview


  • Route - Send Advises

An email is sent to the clerk of corresponding partner. When warehouse systems is involved, a truck load is also created.

  • Route - Delete Route

Selected Route can be deleted