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Version History

  • Add customsReference, customsStatus, businessType, exportProcedureType and supplementaryDeclarationOffice to exportData
  • Add totalGrossWeight to masterTransportType
  • placeOfLoading of masterTransportType is now an element (loadingPlace) with loadingPlaceCode and loadingPlaceAddress (choice)
  • Move VATPartner from masterCustomsType to houseShipmentCustomsType
  • Add subconstractor to masterCustomsType
  • Add presentation (presentationStart and presentationEnd) to masterCustomsType
  • Add foreignPurchaser to houseShipmentCustomsType
  • Add statisticalStatus to houseShipmentCustomsType
  • Add articlePrice to goodsCommercialData
  • goodsIdentification is now optional
  • Add tariffNumberAddition to goodsIdentification
  • Add inlandTransportCosts to itemDV1Data
  • Add forProcessing to itemCustomsType
  • Rename calcInsurance to autoCalculateInsurance
  • Rename calcValues to autoCalculateValues
  • Add processingValues to countryItemDEImportType
  • docCode of customsDocType is now token7 (instead of token4)
  • Add docDetail to docDetailType
  • Add docLicenseValue to docDetailType
  • partnerID of partyIdentifier is removed
  • Add addressAddition and contact to addressType
  • contactPersonType is renamed to contactPerson
  • Add choice of guarAmount, baseAmount and autoCalculateBaseAmount to guaranteeDataType (instead of guarAmount)
  • Rename loadingPlaceName of loadingPlace to loadingPlaceCode
  • Add docLicenseValue to docDetails
  • Add relevantRateDate to houseShipmentCustomsType
  • Street of addressType is now optional
  • City of addressType is now optional
  • Add deferAccAuthorization to DEdefermentType
  • Add calculateTotalGrossWeight to masterTransportType
  • Add autoLoadPlaceAddress to loadingPlace
  • Add goodsLocation to houseShipmentGoodsItemType
  • Add tariffNumberTARIC to goodsIdentification
  • Move contact from addressType to partiesType
  • Add 'OHNE' to DEAtlasWriteOff



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