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General Print / Reprint (Unspooling) function for PROCARS print documents.

Zip functionality: The Unspooler asks whether files shall be zipped.

(warning) the new rsiprtq3 Ver. 2.31 and later, has slay-screens run slayprtq to create thise

(thumbs up) the sequence of the fields is changeable

RSIPRTQ3 PROCARS Printer Queue Maintenance

+--select by-------------------------------------------20:33:30-+
| Printer .......:                                              |
| Papertype .....:                                              |
|                                                               |
| Date / Time ...: 02.01.2006 00:00 - 02.01.2006 23:59          |
| Description ...:                                              |

| yet because PROCARS is convinced the printer is fed with      |
| different formular paper (aka 'papertype')!                   |
| 'Finished prints' are print jobs which are send to your       |
| printers via batch/script 'rsi_lp'. PROCARS is convinced      |
| these prints have reached your printers and they are done.    |
|                                                               |
| You may toggle the print job class with >F5<.                 |

Function Keys Before Key In

F5 - Print/Reprint
This is a toggle Key to set the system to show Printed or Queued documents. The selected type will be shown in the top right corner of the screen.
Finished Prints
Stopped Prints
Please note the text on the screen for details of "finished" and "stopped" prints


  • LRN 107/243 Y=the programm starts in finished prints mode.

F8 - Test
Generate a Test print with Printer Test

F10 - Exit
Exit program

Fields in Order of the Program

Enter a specific printer. If not filled the system will select print files from all printers
PRTLOK3 Search and retrieve printer number

Paper Type
Enter a paper type. If not filled the system will select all paper types.
PAPLOK3 Search and retrieve a paper type



Enter a date/time range for the system to find the print files.
Please note that print files are only kept for a certain period in the Print queue. This period is set for each paper type in the PAPMNT3 maintenance Paper Types
For long term storage of print files RSI offers the supplementary module PFHLOK3 Print file History

Select print files with a specific text. e.g.:
Enter Shipment number to find all prints belonging to as specific shipment.

Display and Manage Selected Print Files

the system will show the print files that match the selection criteria. The user may use the function keys to carry out certain actions

1.75  20041203 RSIPR+-3 IH (RSIFRA) * Printer - Maintenance     Finished prints
+--File #--Cp-Pr/P-P-Type-Description-------------------------Date-------------+
|> 00002195 1 07/2 2      KBC-REPORT                          08.12.2004 17:17 |
|  00002196 1 07/2 2      KBC-REPORT                          08.12.2004 17:17 |
|  00002197 1 07/2 2      Airline Report 020                  08.12.2004 17:20 |
|  00002204 1 07/2 2      Messages                            09.12.2004 10:44 |
|  00002205 1 07/2 2      Messages                            09.12.2004 10:47 |
|  00002174 1 A1/1 1      FILEJRNL 1214110189                 01.12.2004 16:26 |
|  00002177 1 A1/1 1      FILEJRNL 1314120180                 07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002178 1 A1/1 1      PartMfst LAX547                     07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002179 1 A1/1 1       LA|547                             07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002180 1 A1/1 1      US-Mfst LAX547                      07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002181 1 A1/1 1      MFT.CRD. LAX547                     07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002182 3 A1/1 1      US-Mfst LAX547                      07.12.2004 15:47 |
|  00002186 1 A1/1 1      FILEJRNL 1314120180                 07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002187 1 A1/1 1      PartMfst LAX547                     07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002188 1 A1/1 1      MFT.INV. 020-12353364               07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002189 1 A1/1 1      US-Mfst LAX547                      07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002190 3 A1/1 1      US-Mfst LAX547                      07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002191 1 A1/1 1      LAX547                              07.12.2004 17:46 |
|  00002192 1 A1/1 1      MFT.CRD. LAX547                     07.12.2004 17:46 |




Print File number


Number of copies


assigned Printer Number


paper type assigned to the printer as in PRINTMNT Maintenance Printer Queues
if the paper type for the printer does not match the paper type for the document then the print will be suspended and the file will be listed in the "stopped prints" queue.


paper type of the document.


Printer Type


The description title is generated by the print program. The user may use this text to select print files. The selection is not case sensitive.


Date and time when the print file was first generated

F2 - View Edt


View the print file.
If the set in PAPMNT3 PAPMNT3 Maintenance Paper Types the user will also be able to edit the print file using either REDMNT3 Text Editor Program or NOTEPAD
(depending on your system settings). However, please note that print files that are relevant for accounting purposes cannot be edited.

When a file is edited, the original copy is retained and a new file is generated containing the changes to the original. In the overview of spool files RSIPRTQ3 will prefix the description of this changed copy as Copy of: [Original description].

F3 - Snd/Cpy


LRN 011/248 enable zip for pdf in unspooler (from rsiprtq3 v. 2.32 )

This function key enables the user to
Email - Send the print file to his own eMail address for further processing. The "Insert" or "Einfg" key or will also send the print file by eMail but also give the user the option to enter the eMail address of the recipient.
Print At - Print the file at another branch using F2 Search Search and retrieve Branch Code
Copy - create a copy of the file in a defined directory
By tagging several spools and pressing F3Snd/Cpy, all tagged spools are sent in a zipfile to the eMail address maintained in USRMNT.
If PDF printing is active, either the spools or PDFs can be sent in a zipfile.

The Description field from print overview in RSIPRTQ3 will be used as the subject of the eMail if only one file is selected.
If more than one file is selected the system will fill the eMail subject with the Text:

Subject: PROCARS spoolfiles from BRANCH / User Name 

F4 - Sel All/ClrSel
Toggle function to select all files or clear select. This is used in conjunction with the F5 / F6 / F7 / F8 functions giving the user to possibility to select any number of files for further action.

F5 - Print
Print the selected files
The files may be selected for printing by pressing the "Enter" key on the highlighted file or by using the F4 SelAll key.
If no file has been selected the user will be prompted with the question "Nothing selected ! Select current file ? Yes/No"

F6 - Set Pap
The system will assume that the paper type to the printer of first the selected file is to be changed. and ask the question
"Change paper on printer 99 to X"

changing the paper here will change the current paper in PRINTMNT Maintenance Printer Queues

This will mean that all further prints that are assigned of the this printer and the old paper type will automatically be queued in the stopped prints as the paper type of the document no longer matches the paper type of the printer

F7 - ChgPrt
Change the printer to which the selected file should be printed..

  • On selecting a printer the System will ask the question. "Change temporary or general (Temp) (Gnl)"
    Temp - valid for this search/selection session only
    Gnl - Printer change for the selected files is permanent
  • Use PRTLOK3 Search and retrieve printer number to find a printer.

F8 - ChgPap
Change the paper type of the selected print files either
temporary - valid for this search/selection session only
general - permanently

F9 - Details
Show the technical details of the highlighted print file:

| Header ..........: 0 RSIFRA    2195                                          |
| Paper/Printer....: 4 09                                                      |
| No. of Printouts.:  1                                                        |
| Doc. Type/Descr..:      KBC-REPORT                                           |
| PFH / Micro-fich.: 0 0                                                       |
| Re-. Port/at/user: 3j 08.12.2004 17:17 Test User                             |
| Last printed ....:    00.00.0000 17:17                                       |
| Shipment ........:                                                           |
| Invoice .........:                                                           |
|                                                                              |

F10 - Exit
Exit to selection screen.

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