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Program llshmnt allows entry of delivery orders and pickup orders.



From version LLSHMNT 3.90 can call different screen according to air, sea, pickup or delivery.

  • ST = Shipment type (AE/AI/SE/SI)
  • T = Type (P(ickup)/(D)elivery)

LLSHMNT will look for the most specific screen first:
LLSHSTT (e.g. LLSHAEP.0xx for Air Export Pickup)

if it is not found for a more general screen:
LLSHT (e.g. LLSHD.0xx for Delivery Order)

and then:
LLSHST (e.g. LLSHAE.0xx for Air Export)

If neither screen is available, LLSHMNT takes the default screen (LLSHMNT.0xx).


LLSHMNT - 1st screen

LLSHMNT * Delivery Orders / Pick ups
| Tour Code ...........: @0                                        |^$  of ^%  |
| Pcs/Pkt./GrWght/Vol. : @1   @2  @3            @4         DGR: @5 +-----------|
| Total Pcs/GrWght.    : ^x       ^y                                           |
| Balance Pcs/GrWght   : ^z       ^!                                           |
| Nature of goods .....: @6                                                    |
|                        @7                                                    |
| Delivery/Pickup addr.: @C             Trucker address .....: @U              |
| @D                                    @V                                     |
| @E                                    @W                                     |
| @F                                    @X                                     |
| @G                                    @Y                                     |
| @H                                    @Z                                     |
| @I                                    @a                                     |
| Delivery/Pickup time : @8         @9   - @A         @B                       |
| Remarks : @p                                                                 |
| COD Amount: @&           @(  Delivery Phone: @)           R.T: @J            |
| PLO/DEP: @+                                  In Bond Number: @/              |
| ETA: @=       KG/LB: @- HBL: @'              MBL: @[                         |
| Notes: @@0                                 SBL: @@1                          |
| SI Contact: @@2                                 SI Phone: @@3                |


Function Keys Before Key In

Help function

Displays choice of

|                         Connect to shipment ?                            |
| >AirExp. <(AIrImp. )(SeaExp. )(SEaImp. )(No      )(Oth.Bra )(Cancel  )  ++
+------------------------------------------------------------------------ o


  • AirExp / AIrImp. / SeaExp. / SEaImp
    search for shipments in the Air Export (expinf3) Air Import (impinf3) Sea Export (sesinf3n) Sea Import (sisinf3n) application
  • The Option "Oth.Bra"
    allows the user to select a shipment from another branch (as long as it is on the same system)
    This is usefull for trucking shipments that are physically handled in one branch (eg GTLSTR) and the order processing is done in another (eg. GTLHAM)
  • Choosing "No"
    starts llshmnt without connection to a shipment, choosing cancel resets to start page.

opens llshlook to display already created delivery orders / pick-ups

Quits the program

Fields in Order of the Program

Tour code


Packing Type

Gross Weight


DGR: Y / N

current number

actual number of records of shipment

Total pieces of shipment

Total gross weight of shipment

Balance pieces of shipment

Balance gross weight of shipment

Nature of goods 1

Nature of goods 2

DO/ PU address number

DO/ PU address line 1

DO/ PU address line 2

DO/ PU address line 3

DO/ PU address line 4

DO/ PU address line 5

DO/ PU address line 6

Trucker address number

Trucker address line 1

Trucker address line 2

Trucker address line 3

Trucker address line 4

Trucker address line 5

Trucker address line 6

Date for PU/ DO, from

Time for PU/ DO, from

Date for PU/ DO, to

Time for PU/ DO, to

Remarks 1

COD amount

COD currency

Delivery Phone Number

Date for PU/ DO, real

Port of Lading / Departure Port

In Bond Number

ETA Date

kg or lb, Gross Weight Unit of Measure

HBL/AWB Number

MBL/AWB Number


Secondary BL Number

SI Contact name

SI Contact phone

Function Keys on Finish Key In

Help function

opens 2nd screen of llshmnt

opens llsnmnt to insert details

F4Prt/EDI EDI creates XML output of the delivery order / Pickup order.
Opens PFMMNT to print, fax, mail or pdf.



Two possibilities to configure XML output:


  • The NAD of the supplier (@U) needs a valid "BranchKey for Communication" (@H).
  • The branchkey needs to be maintained in BRAMNT and the flag @w ("TransportOrder (LLSH) EDI - Format") needs to be maintained with "XML". The email address for XML output is maintained for this branchkey.


  • The NAD of the supplier (@U) has either 'Trucker' or 'Warehouse' flag set in NADMNT3 @P with a valid "ScopeID"
  • branchkey 'WINKCC'is maintained in BRAMNT with email address of the Riege WINK Clearing Center


modifies the entries

deletes the entry

opens llscmnt to input container info

opens hzg2look to input dangerous goods information

allows to have additionally functions via function-key:

opens trkins3 for track and trace

opens lldispo

send XML-file to trucker. For more details see llsh2rsx

quits the program

LLSHMNT - 2nd screen

LLSHMNT * Delivery Orders / Pick ups
| Warehouse Address : @M                                                       |
| @N                                                                           |
| @O                                                                           |
| @P                                                                           |
| @Q                                                                           |
| @R                                                                           |
| @S                                                                           |
| Shipper : @b                            Consignee : @i                       |
| @c                                      @j                                   |
| @d                                      @k                                   |
| @e                                      @l                                   |
| @f                                      @m                                   |
| @g                                      @n                                   |
| @h                                      @o                                   |
| Shipment: @@4        Third Party: @@5   /@@6                                 |
| Carrier: @@C Flight: @@D        Vessel: @@E                  Voyage: @@F     |
| Warehouse: @@G /@@H                                      Go: @@I             |
| Marks: @@J            /@@K            /@@L            /@@M                   |
| Delivery Terms: @@N                                                          |
| In Bond Date: @@O        POD Date: @@P                                       |


Function Keys Before Key In

Help function

search via nadlook3

Quits the program

Fields in Order of the Program

Warehouse address number - The default address is taken from LRN 02 Pos. 066. However if LRN 35/249 is set to "I" or "Y", the system will take parameter 48/175 into account instead of 02/066.

Warehouse address Line 1

Warehouse address Line 2

Warehouse address Line 3

Warehouse address Line 4

Warehouse address Line 5

Warehouse address Line 6

Shipper address number

Shipper Address Line 1

Shipper Address Line 2

Shipper Address Line 3

Shipper Address Line 4

Shipper Address Line 5

Shipper Address Line 6

Consignee address number

Consignee Address Line 1

Consignee Address Line 2

Consignee Address Line 3

Consignee Address Line 4

Consignee Address Line 5

Consignee Address Line 6

Shipment number

Third party name

Third party address

Carrier Prefix

Flight number


Voyage number

Warehouse Code (Terminal Code Table)

Warehouse Name

Go number

Marks and Numbers

Marks and Numbers

Marks and Numbers

Marks and Numbers

Delivery terms (free text)

In bond date

POD date

Other Key In Fields

Time for pickup / delivery, real

Signature for delivery

Remarks 2

B/L - AWB Number


Departure Code

Departure Airport / Port of Departure

Destination Code

Destination Airport / Port of Discharge

Total pieces of shipment

Total gross weight of shipment

Balance pieces of shipment

Balance gross weight of shipment
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