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ICS Maintenance

To start ICS Maintenance, from ICS menu select item N500

    |  +---------------------------------------------------------+
    +--|  N000 Customs*   ICS                                    |
    |  +---------------------------------------------------------+
    |  |  1-N100-Customs*   ICS Export                           |
    |  |  2-N200-Customs*   ICS Import Air                       |
    |  |  3-N300-Customs*   ICS Import Sea                       |
    |  |  4-N400-Customs*   ICS Import Declaration               |
    |  |> 5-N500-Customs*   ICS Maintenance                      |
    |  +--------------------------RSISYD/3o rspar-no:02 user:RSI-+
    |  8-M000-Customs*   Customs Services                     |
    |  9-N000-Customs*   ICS                                  |
    | 10-Y000-Admin  *   System Maintenance                   |
    +--------------------------RSISYD/3o rspar-no:02 user:RSI-+

Vessel Details

On 8 May 2006 Customs stopped the release of Customs Ship Register. Since this date, Customs Ship Register (also called Vessel Details), must be maintaned by ICS User.

To add, change or delete vessel details, from ICS menu select item N503:

    |  +---------------------------------------------------------+
    +--|  +---------------------------------------------------------+
    |  +--|  N500 PROCUST    * ICS Maintenance                      |
    |  |  +---------------------------------------------------------+
    |  |  |  1|N501|PROCUST    * ICS Reference Download Log         |
    |  |  |  2|N502|PROCUST    * ICS Reference File List            |
    |  |  |> 3|N503|PROCUST    * ICS Vessel Details                 |
    |  |  +--------------------------RSISYD/31 rspar-no:02 user:RSI-+
    |  +--------------------------RSISYD/31 rspar-no:02 user:RSI-+
    |  8|M000|Customs*   Customs Services                     |
    |  9|N000|Customs*   ICS                                  |
    | 10|Y000|Admin  *   System Maintenance                   |
    +--------------------------RSISYD/31 rspar-no:02 user:RSI-+

Alternatively, if you have access to PROCARS command line, select F9[Manual], type in ICFVMNT and press [Enter] to run vessel maintenance program stand alone.

Adding new vessel

To add a new vessel:

  1. Type in Vessel Id.
  2. If vessel of this id does not exist, program will ask if you want to add it. Select [Yes] to confirm.
  3. Enter vessel details and select F10[Exit] to save changes and quit Vessel Details screen.

Changing details of existing vessel

To change details of existing vessel:

  1. Type in Vessel Id or select F2[Search] to search vessel using Vessel Query screen.
  2. Modify vessel details and select F10[Exit] to save changes and quit Vessel Details screen.

    Changing Vessel Id

    You can't change Vessel Identifier as this is the primary key in vessel record and changing it practically means editing another vessel. To change vessel id you need to first Delete Vessel and then Add Vessel using new vessel id.

Deleting existing vessel

To delete existing vessel:

  1. Type in Vessel Id or select F2[Search] to search vessel using Vessel Query screen.
  2. Select F6[Delete], [Yes] to permanently remove vessel from vessel file.

List of vessel screens and function keys attached

Vessel Details fields description

|            Vessel Id: @0                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|            Lloyds No: @1                                                     |
|                 Name: @7                                                     |
|                 Type: @3                                                     |
| Registration Country: @2 / ^6                                                |
|         Gross Weight: @5                                                     |
|                                                                              |

Vessel Query fields description

|       Name: @4                                                               |
|    Country: @2 / ^6                                                          |
|       Type: @3                                                               |
|  Lloyds No: @1                                                               |
|  Vessel Id: @0                                                               |
|                                                                              |

Vessel List fields description

|Vessel Name                                    ID       Lloyds  CR Typ Tonnage|
|^4                                             ^0       ^1      ^2 ^3  ^5     |
|                                                                              |

F2[Search] perform another search using Vessel Query.
F9[Take] or [Enter] select highlighted vessel and quit Vessel Query..
F10[Exit] quit Vessel Query without selecting highlighted vessel.

List of vessel fields

@0 Vessel Identifier
This is an identifier allocated to vessel by ACS. It is not longer maintained by ACS and it is not used in EDI, however it is mandatory for downward compatibility with Customs Ship Register.

The identifier supports various vessel scenarios, most significant being:

  1. One lloyds number, one vessel name (recommended)
  2. One lloyds number, two or more vessel names
  3. Two or more lloyds numbers, one vessel name (not recommended - can lead to selecting incorrect lloyds number, when copying shipment
    data from PROSEA module)
  4. No lloyds number or lloyds number to be announced (not recommended - can lead to an error when transmitting data to Customs)

A valid vessel identifier must have exatly 8 characters and must begin with letter A-Z, e.g.:

  • C123456 incorrect (too short)
  • X1234567 incorrect (too long)
  • 12345678 incorrect (does not begin with a letter)
  • L1234567 correct and recommended
  • ALPHA123 correct, but not recommended

The recommended format is to always begin vessel id with letter L (for Lloyds), following by 7-digit lloyds number of the vessel. This way vessel id and lloyds number can be easily interchanged. For instance, if the lloyds number of the vessel is 1211756, then corresponding vessel id should be L1211756.

F2[Search] Search vessel using Vessel Query
F6[Delete] Remove vessel from vessel file.
F10[Exit] Save changes and quit Vessel Details.

@1 Vessel Lloyds Number
This is 7-digit number allocated to vessel by LLoyds register.
Required in sea cargo documents exchanged with Customs.

@2 Vessel Registration Country Code
The ISO code of the country the vessel is registered in. Not required by ACS, but useful when searching for a particular vessel or group of vessels from known country.

F2[Search] Search for country code using country name or select code from code list.

@3 Vessel Type Code
In original Customs Ship Register, this was the type of vessel, denoting its usage, e.g.: BLK, CON, GEN. Not required by ACS. It does not need to be a real vessel type, but can be any 3-letter code helping to divide vessels into vessel groups. For instance, for the ease of searching, all vessels added after certain date can have type NEW; all vessels without lloyds number can have type TBA and so on.

@4 Vessel Name (abbreviated)
The same what Vessel Name (full), but for display purpose truncated to 46 characters.

@5 Vessel Gross Weight
Vessel gross weight in tons. Not required by ACS and not used in searching criteria. It is kept for downward compatibility only. It can be left as zero.

@6 Vessel Registration Country Name
The name of corresponding Vessel Registration Country Code as stored in ISO record. Used for display purpose only.

@7 Vessel Name (full)
Name of the vessel as in the original Customs Ship Register. Not required by Customs, but necessary to retrieve correct lloyds number when copying shipment data from PROSEA module. If name consists of two or more words, all words should be separated by single space and should not contain special characters.

ICS Code Lists

Bank Account Owner Type and Refund Bank Account Owner Type






Licensed Broker



Document Owner - Importer, etc



Other/Third Party

Drawback Claimant


Where an EFT payment is being made for a drawback claim and the Bank Account details are the drawback claimants

Import Cargo Type




Less than Container load


Full Container load


Full Container load with multiple house bills


Break bulk



Mode of Transport

Mode of Transport Code

Mode of Transport Type

Exports Messages (R2)


Consigned Air Cargo


Consigned Sea Cargo

Imports Messages (R3b)