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Welcome to ProDoc

The online documentation of Procars, the air and sea solution.

Latest News

From version 3.90 of LLSHMNT the program can use specific screen depending on area and type. Please see the documentation for more information.
This time in German as it concerns the German customs communication only! am Sonntag, dem 15. Februar 2009, wird das Atlas-Clearing-Center auf ein anderes System migriert. Die Umstellung wird ca. zwischen 18 und 21 Uhr vorgenommen. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wird keine Kommunikation mit dem Zollsystem ATLAS möglich sein.
The Compliance Check module has been enhanced. A new Parameter (LRN 035/253) has been created, which holds the number of days where no compliance check shall be started. This is calculated "Today plus number of days". The Compliance Check programs evaluate the parameter. When an address is entered in operations, the programs check the date of last check in address maintenance and calculate whether the address needs to be checked again.