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With the latest version of EXPMNT3B (6.17 or higher) you can also have additional pop-up screens to fit all the additional information. The following screens can be adjusted via slaymnt3:

Regular screen Direct shipment (EXPMNT3B.0) - Additional screen Direct shipment (EXPMNT3B.5)
Regular screen House shipment (EXPMNT3B.1) - Additional screen House shipment (EXPMNT3B.6)
Regular screen Master shipment (EXPMNT3B.2) - Additional screen Master shipment (EXPMNT3B.7)

Please note that the expmnt3b.5de, expmnt3b.6de, expmnt3b.7de are not "second" screens.
They replace expmnt3b.0de, expmnt3b.1de, expmnt3b.2de screens.
The screens expmnt3b.0de, expmnt3b.1de, expmnt3b.2de will be shown as a display screen
in the expmnt3y screen.

To implement please first copy the screens

cp expmnt3b.0de expmnt3b.5de
cp expmnt3b.1de expmnt3b.6de
cp expmnt3b.2de expmnt3b.7de

then add the screens in the laymnt3 overview and enhance the screens as required.

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