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Welcome to ProDoc

The online documentation of Procars, the air and sea solution.

Latest News

From version 3.90 of LLSHMNT the program can use specific screen depending on area and type. Please see the documentation for more information.
We have enhanced the field "telephone-no" in SEKMNT3 and SIKMNT3 to 20 digits (same record length like in NADMNT3, AEKMNT3 and IMKMNT3). If you require the corresponding program update, please contact the customer support ( with the reference "Ticket 211198".
The following essential rule has been changed in all Procars event creation. The following programs are affected. Affected Programs Program Version Release aexpgm3 5.00 Rel I+J trkins 4.22 Rel I+J trkpar3 1.91 Rel I+J trkins3 4.15 Rel I only trkins3s 3.…